Group accommodation in Slovenia

Slovenia’s climate is as diverse as the geography: sub-mediterranean on the coast, alpine in the mountains, and continental with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaux and valleys to the east. With such a range of areas to explore, this Central European country is ideal for all types of group trips. From educational travel in subjects such as history, art or language studies, to extracurricular school and college group travel, to active sports trips with groups of friends, HI’s group hostels in Slovenia provide safe, cost-effective and quality-assured accommodation for groups of all kinds.

All of our group hostels in Slovenia meet HI’s assured standards for quality, cleanliness and comfort, and many also provide extra services tailored to the needs of groups, such as:

• Private rooms for leaders and drivers
• Parking for coaches, buses or mini-buses
• Seminar rooms, games rooms and/or lounge areas
• Full meals service, and lunch packs for days out
• Staff who understand the needs of groups

Our group accommodation in Slovenia is available in both urban and countryside locations, and either locale provides a great base for exploring this country’s diverse offerings. Whether you want an active trip rafting, canoeing or mountaineering, or a more relaxing break sightseeing or chilling out by a thermal lake, HI’s group hostels in Slovenia provide the perfect way to do it all on a budget.