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Tolmin gorges - LTO Sotočje
Tolmin gorges - LTO Sotočje
Petra Skalarja 4
5220 Tolmin
Tel.: +386 (0)5 38 00 480

20 % discount on entrance fee (individual price) in Tolmin gorges

Tolmin gorges are the lowest point (180 m) in Triglav National Park and the longest gorges in Slovenia. It is also among the deepest.

The junction of the gorges of the Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers with their gorges is a unique phenomenon in Slovenia. The gorge of the Tolminka River is about two hundred meters long and five to ten meters wide.

The spring of thermal water (22°C) on the bank of the Tolminka just below the end of the trail through the chute is another great rarity in the alpine world.The well known Hudičev most ("Devil's Bridge") over which the Tolmin-Čadrg road passes arches 60 meters above the Tolminka, and above it is the entrance to the Zadlaška or Dante Cave.A triangular rock called the "Bear's Head" (Medvedova glava) after its characteristic shape is wedged in the narrowest part of the Zadlaščica chute.Visitors can drive to the parking lot of the Tolmin gorges by car. The distance from Tolmin is 2 km.