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Postojna Cave - Postojnska jama, d.d.
Postojna Cave - Postojnska jama, d.d.
Jamska cesta 30
6230 Postojna
Tel.: +386 (0)5 700 01 00

10% discount on all regular rates of tickets for children (6-15 years), students (16-25 years) and adults in Postojna Cave Park.
About half way between Ljubljana and the coast – or if you like, between Vienna and Venice – lies one of the most beautiful corners of this world – the Slovenian Kras. This is an unusual world of rocks and water, interwoven with numerous specific surface and underground phenomena, which have always stirred up our imagination and attract many visitors and researchers with their mysterious character. One of the most recognizable and beautiful natural sights, which brought international fame to Kras, is the Postojna Cave, which has been attracting visitors from far and wide for centuries; in the last two centuries in great masses. Kras is also a world of exciting monuments of culture and castles, like the Predjama Castle, where all of your senses will be tingling because the preparation of home-cooked meals, with a mixture of natural products and Mediterranean spices, gives the dishes a special flavour and draws in even the most demanding gourmet.

The Postojna Cave, this underground cathedral, where centuries mean nothing, is one of the longest caves with its 20 kilometres of explored tunnels and belongs amongst the underground caves with the greatest amount of stalactites. It is very well equipped for tourists and easily accessible for anyone. Its beauties have been admired by almost 34 million visitors, who are taken into the mysterious subterranean world by the cave train, while the kind and qualified cave guides safely lead them along the illuminated tunnels.