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List of tenderers in categorie - Tours
Ljubljana Tourist Board
50% on regular tours of the Ljubljana.
Turistično društvo Šempeter
1€ discount for the Roman Necropolis and 2€ discount for the Pekel Cave. Discount is applicable on full price ticket only.
TIC Idrija, ICRA d.o.o. Idrija
10% on preparation and/or implementation of tourisem programs, for categories Family and Group, 20% on regulator tours of the Idrija for all categories, 20% for visit the Centre of Idrija lace for all categories.
Charterhouse Žiče - TIC Slovenske Konjice
Visit of Charterhouse Žiče: 50 % Regular Entrance Fee Discount
Soven d.o.o.
15% discount to visit one of few sheep wool spinning manufacture in Slovenia.
The »Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation«
10% discount for The Walk of Peace guided tour in the Soča Valley
Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry
15 % discount for Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing
House of Savin
15 % discount for Birth house of musician Risto Savin
Anthony’s shaft – tourist mine
Hostelling International card holders are entitled to student discount.
Tourist Information Centre Maribor
10% discount on bicycle rental and on Maribor guided tour.
Kobilarna Lipica
HI card holders are entitled to student discount on guided tour of the stud farm Lipica, on presentation of the classical riding school and on Training of the classical riding school.