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April 2017  
Student prices for a plane ticket
If you like to travel, you might be used to sitting in front of a computer and constantly checking prices of plane tickets. Sometimes you need just a bit of luck and sometimes a bit of knowledge and tricks. more
The Journey of Zarja Kambič
Journalist Zarja Kambič is a passionate traveller who decided to combine two things she loves the most – travelling and journalism. I had a chance to chat with her while she was in Slovenia for a quick visit. more
Melodious stopover in Salzburg
Salzburg, which literally means “salt fortress”, got its name from its early salt exploitation, which also constituted its main wealth. Located near the German frontier, it is the fourth largest Austrian city, and is probably one of the most charming places of the country. more
The hidden gems of New York City
You have booked your tickets and now you have started creating your very own list of places to see in the city that never sleeps. How about you try to experience the city the way locals like to explore it? more
Azores, the European oasis – Part III
Traveling across the Azores, I together with my parents and children saw the beauty of the unspoiled nature, of majestic volcanoes, the fearfulness of the ocean, a beautiful seaside towns, and among it all I enjoyed the traditional cuisine. more
Škrlatica, our Queen Mountain
The hiking path is very well marked, it runs through the forest, then goes into slopes, which are covered with pines. A little higher we came to a crossroad and turned right and after crossing a scree slope we were admiring the new day. more
Opening of Tivoli Amusement Park
Copenhageners and visitors are excited! Tivoli opened on April 6, 2017. Get ready for a sensational year! Buy your tickets or season passes and enjoy all that this grand park has to offer. more
Our Nature
Month of March has been declared as the month of "Our Nature – Managing waste and water";. We asked ourselves how could we easily save water as well as energy and therefore money. more
Iran - When prejudice is silenced - Part I
Certainly Iran is one of those countries, which is associated with quite unfounded prejudices, so a trip to this country is even a greater surprise, because prejudices disappear one after the other. more
Milan in 8 hours
Looking for different possibilities to make a cheaper + intercontinental trip, I found a very cheap one, involving an 8 hours’ layover in Milan, Italy. It was not a problem for me: I had to arrive very early in the morning, and my next flight was late in the evening. more
“Lesotho? Wait, what even is Lesotho? Oh, a country? Where is it? Hmm, I’ve never heard of it.” Well, let’s answer some questions. Lesotho is a small country on the south of Africa. If we’re more specific, it is a South African enclave. more
Sheep, cliffs and high waves
Ireland has always been a country that I wanted to explore. What can be bad when you hear green, beer, Irish music and cliffs? I never imagined how many beautiful sceneries and fun adventures will wait for me there. more
Martin Luther and Youth Hostels
In 2017, Germany remembers Martin Luther (1483 – 1546). The theologian is famous for questioning the teachings and practices of the Church, triggering change in all areas of society. Luther remains a person of great interest today. more
New Hostel in Switzerland
The Bella Lui house was built in 1930 and is today a listed historic monument and testament to modern architecture. From June, the youth hostel will be able to welcome its guests. more