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July - August 2017  
Writing, Travelling and Home-meal-sickness
Sandra Meglić travelled to Norway in June, where she will stay for one year. She revealed why, what does she do and some other interesting things to the readers of Globetrotter. more
Amazing Discounts for HI Members
Urban Adventures is about a new style of travel experience for those who want to get off the beaten path and really connect with a destination. Adventures will take you to interesting places to meet locals and really see the interesting things. more
Around the Southern Netherlands - Part III
Amazed by the capital and the villages on the northern Holland we decided to explore the south of Netherlands. Even though the distances may look big, Netherlands has excellent railway and bus lines. more
Planina pod Košuto and Cottage on Kofce Mountain
The view is really beautiful and you can see very far. From the cottage on Kofce you can see the hills 10 kilometres far. You can also see Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Snežnik and peaks in Gorski Kotar on south. more
New Youth Hostel in Luxembourg
In close cooperation with local partners, Luxembourg’s youth hostels have worked out a diverse set of packages for school trips and groups. Ranging from cultural excursions to outdoor activities and educational group experiences, there’s something for everyone! more
Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta
Silkeborg, the “Lake District” of Denmark, welcomes thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the fantastic scenery and all the activities on offer. This year, there is a special event which will light up the City. It is the Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta, which will be held from August 15 – 19. more
Let’s Explore Slovenia
Bled, Ljubljana Castle, Postojna Cave, then Piran and Triglav are destinations that aren’t a stranger to any Slovenians. These places are without a doubt worth seeing but there’re so many more places to see... more
Our people – Caring for staff and volunteers
Did you know that roughly 80% of Millenials want to work for companies that care about their impacts? And 65% of them have already experienced volunteer activity? more
Iran – When the Prejudices are Silent – Part IV
Shiraz is a metropolis with 1.5 million people, which is located about 1000 kilometres south from Teheran and lies 1500 metres above the sea level. Shiraz has been the heart of Persian culture for more than 2000 years. more
Completely new and completely different
The new youth hostel in Bayreuth with its modern design and conveniences, integrative grounds and sustainable operational concept can be seen as a figurehead of the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017”. more
It is a perfect time to visit Finland
The magnificent wilderness of Hossa is an excellent destination: the trails invite you to hike and cycle, and the crystal-clear lakes to go canoeing and fishing. The rock paintings of Julma-Ölkky and Värikallio depict stories of shamanism, dating back thousands of years. more
Visit the Italian coast
Discover the Italian wonders: the crystal clear sea, the warm sun, the ancient history that breathes in our cities and the fun of experiencing an unforgettable summer in some of the most beautiful places in the world! Hostelling International Italy presents you some of the best destinations for this summer. more