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Youth Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji
Youth Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji
Loke 16
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
+386 (0)31 41 16 66
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Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji is located in Upper Savinja Valley, Slovenia, in pre-alpine country village Ljubno. Hostel is small but pleasant and friendly. Its location is an excellent starting point to explore hidden corners or to visit mayor tourists’ centers in Slovenia.

Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji offers all kinds of accommodation, mostly  rooms with private bathroom (double bed), three bedded rooms, rooms with shared bathroom or dormitory rooms. Hostel also runs as Pevc Inn, or gostilna, which represents the best of the best in local cuisine of Slovenia countryside, it is a family business with a tradition for over 50 years. You can expect a warm, hospitable welcome and service, to offer, you can always find at least three dishes that are typical of the area or region. Taste culinary art of local dishes such as: zgornjesavinjski zelodec, štruklji, žlinkrofi, goveja juha, postrvi, koline, odojek, jagnjetina, potica...

All rooms have either a private bathroom or bathroom in the same floor, cable TV, free bed linen and towels. You will also get a free parking, free wireless access and rent a bike. Meals are available in the part of gostilna, where there is also a summer terrace, and the conference room.

Widespread beech and mixed forests, containing a lot of spruce, cover the foothills of the Savinja Alps. The upper Savinja valley offers routes, tracks and climbs suitable for visitors of all ages and physical ability. Tourism in the Upper Savinja Valley is further enhanced by its natural and cultural attractions, of which more then one hundred are worth visiting:

  • Logarska dolina
  • Snow cave / Snežna jama (Raduha, Luče)
  • Ski resort Golte
  • The Timber Rafting Museum (Ljubno ob Savinji)
  • Walks arround Smrekovec & Komen
  • Museum of Forestry and Timber Industry (Nazarje)
  • Monastery Library (Nazarje)
  • Potočka Zijalka Museum (Solčava)
  • Ethnologic Collections at Mozirski Gaj (Mozirje)

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