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Travel insurance

Make the travelling carefree

Traveling is a time of exploring and time for adventures. It's the time when we forget about everyday problems. But we must be aware that accidents can happen. Whether it's in the middle of an American metropolis or in the middle of a Mongol desert. The disease is always unpredictable. Since we do not want your trip to become a catastrophe at such events, we, together with the World Nomads and their insurance, decided to stand by you.

We've all heard about the cost of treatment and medicines far from home. Therefore, it is a good idea to take care of the insurance before travelling and we can travel in peace. World Nomads insurance is the result of the cooperation of experienced travellers and is made especially for travellers. It is an addition to your health insurance, since it covers more than health insurance, but it is not a substitute for it. You pay basic insurance, which depends on where and how much time you travel, from your age and from the type of your trip, so the price is always different. This means that you are completely safe in case of emergency medical aid, severe toothache, terrorist attacks, lost luggage, cancellation or relocation of travel for medical or other justifiable reasons. The insurance thus covers hospital admission, medication, helicopter evacuation, early flight home, costs that happened due to stolen passports or luggage, and much more. At night and day, every day of the week, you have an experienced team on the phone that always offers support. It takes you to the nearest hospital, helps you pay the cost of treatment, or it arranges your flight home. It's great that you can get insurance on the internet even when you're already travelling. That this truly is a travel insurance is best proved on the list of activities that are included in the insurance if they for some reason go wrong – the list contains everything from riding camels to surfing.

There are also less adventurous activities, such as protection abroad. In the full list, there are more than 150 activities. Before you insure yourself, always read what it offers to you, so that there won't be any unpleasant surprises later.

Since we are certain you would like to feel safe on your journey, World Nomads have concluded an agreement that gives you a 5% discount on all their services. As you can see, travel insurance is really here to help you overcome the difficult moments of your trip. It's nice to travel and it's good to know that someone will always take care of you.