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Organization support

Hostelling International Slovenia is a non-governmental youth organization that performs a number of projects and activities, especially in the field of youth mobility. In order to realize our ideas and projects, we undoubtedly need adequate material and financial resources. We are the leading organization for the promotion of youth mobility, especially in terms of traveling as informal forms of education, and everyone can contribute to a greater number of high quality activities.

You will have many benefits by becoming a member at Hostelling International Slovenia, as it offers huge discounts in Slovenia and abroad (for example, over 700 discounts for members in Australia). The biggest benefit is at least 10 % more affordable overnight stays in any of the 4,000 HI hostels in the world.

Also, by staying overnight at Hostelling International hostels, you will be affiliated with the organization and the values we represent. It is the most recognized chain of youth hostels in the world, with its 4,000 hostels in more than 80 countries around the world. In hostels, you will not only spend the night, but you will meet a pleasant atmosphere and travellers from all over the world with whom you will share your experiences and plans for further travel.

We are very active online, so you can keep reading our news and online newspaper and share the most interesting information and articles with your friends, family or colleagues. We are also active on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, where we often share new discounts, volunteer contributions and prize competitions. Sharing information, links and our mission among your friends and fans is also a form of support for the promotion of youth mobility and youth travel, which is the basis of our positive mission.

With the support, you contribute to the growth of the Hostelling International Slovenia, as well as to your personal growth, as you will surely find an activity or project that you identify with. Most importantly, the promotion of our mission is also the promotion of the most environmentally friendly way of travelling, so you will also contribute to the sustainable development of tourism and increase the quality of life and living of both the travellers and the local population. With the support of mobility and non-formal education through travel, you will be one of those who are making the world better.