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Prize competitions

Do you feel lucky? Are you in for participating in our prize games? Of course you are! Everyone would like to use only a few clicks to fulfil their dream. Have you always participated in prize competitions, but have never actually won something? Do not give up. One day you will get the message that the main prize belongs to you. Our prize competitions can help you.

Perhaps for the first time when you hear about our prize competitions, you think that we offer free trips. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We offer a lot more than that. But you can, however, learn foreign languages in language schools, or you can win free tandem jump in Bovec. Many times, prize competitions consist of a question you must answer correctly, but no need to worry, the question is not difficult. Sometimes you must only write your favourite destination, or you must write why exactly you deserve a prize. We regularly publish our prize competitions on our website. Many times, when we announce a new discount, we accompany it with a new prize competition. Since there are a lot of them, you can quickly miss something, so we recommend that you follow us regularly.

On our website, there are also prize competitions from other national associations of Hostelling International. You can get free accommodation in HI hostels or get a ticket to see some attractions. In hostels, you often also get a free meal, so you only need some extra money for transportation, and here is your perfect vacation. Of course, Slovenian hostels also have their prize competitions. Awesome prize competitions are also published on our Facebook page. The prize is often our T-shirt. It's simple, our volunteers and supporters are taking pictures of themselves in our T-shirts in different places around the world and it's your job to find out exactly where it is. If you guess correctly, the T-shirt can be yours. And now is your turn to take a picture with it.

Do not wait for others to take away the reward. Follow our site, follow us on Facebook, and we will all cross our fingers that someday you are the winner. How do you know that today is not your lucky day if you do not try?

List of prize competitions