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Cities around the world

The world is wonderful, it offers travellers so much that it is impossible for us to see everything. We can explore the forests or meadows. We can swim in the sea or walk the high mountains. And between the sea and the mountains, there are lovely villages and friendly people. Cities are also important part of the world. And some cities are so wonderful that they deserve being mentioned on our website.

On the right site of our webpage there is a list of many world cities from all continents. Clicking on the city will open basic tourist information and advice on everything that a traveller needs for a pleasant stay. In particular, you get very important information about which hostels you should stay in. Information gives you the opportunity to know where you are going even before travelling, and avoid many problems while staying in the city.

Getting to know different cities is always exciting and full of adventures. It is also something that we cannot do in one day. Take your time, get lost in the streets and find yourself again. Discover the hidden streets and luxurious squares that other tourists don't visit. Visit museums and meet new friends. And when you have enough of the city and its buildings, look at the timetables of buses and trains and go to the countryside. There is a different world waiting for you, where your eyes and ears will get some rest. Different adventures await from you outside of the cities and even the local people will be happy to see you, perhaps even more so than in cities, as fewer tourists come there. You can also sleep there, it is mostly cheaper. Many times, the plane tickets for city breaks are the cheapest if you visit the city only for a couple of days. But this is simply not enough time to see everything you want. It's not just about not being able to get to know the city and its surroundings during this time, it's also about making too much irreversible damage to the environment with such a trip, and the locals do not have much benefit from you either. It is a blessing to explore the corners that are not advertised in Lonely Planet.

Cities are beautiful and worth a visit in every season. They are the most beautiful when they are full of locals and not full of thousands of loud tourists, so go there outside of the tourist season. That is the time when you won't be afraid of standing in a long line for a museum and you will definitely find an empty table at a restaurant. Too many tourists worsen the experience of visiting a certain place. Always know that you are just a guest. Act like you are at home when you're visiting a city. Do not throw trash everywhere, but look for trash bins, although it's sometimes difficult to find them. Clean up the mess you made. Buy your food on the market and not in big supermarkets. And if you feel that the locals do not want to take pictures, respect that.

See the list of cities and follow your heart.