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Youth Hostel Sevnica
Youth Hostel Sevnica
Savska cesta 2
8290 Sevnica
+386 (0)40 63 90 16
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The hostel offers accommodation in renovated premises which are a part of a student dorm of Sevnica High School. It is located in a nice area next to Sava river with an access to lots of activities and important city spots. Train station is very close. 

Hostel Sevnica offers accommodation in 2-bed and 3-bed rooms with common bathroom. It has room for 35 guests who have access to kitchenette with dining area where they can prepare their meals.  They also offer breakfast buffet per request. For lunches and dinners you can arrange food delivery with local restaurants. Bigger groups can eat in school cafeteria. Guests can also borrow sports equipment like balls, badminton racquets etc. They can also reserve a classroom with interactive board and projector for seminars.

There is a common room with TV and roofed terrace for relaxing and socialising. The reception is the place where a guest can get all the information about the place and interesting things they can see. Hostel is also specialized for hikers, bikers and fishers.