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Hostelling International Slovenia is the only national representative of Slovenia in the international federation International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). The IYHF is the biggest world-wide accommodation network with over 4500 hostles in over 80 countries all over the globe (including 39 European countries). The annual sleepovers at the IYHF hostles varies between 30 and 40 million.

The IYHF has strict standards for its members, which are based on the courtesy towards the guests, safety, cleanliness and privacy. A member of IYHF from within a certain country is responsible for making sure these standards are upheld within that country. Also the IYHF is promoting hostles throughout the world and encourages the development of new national organizations in countries which are not yet IYHF members. All IYHF members can stay at IYHF hostles at discount (membership) prices.

The goal of PZS is to support these (above described) guidelines; promoting the network development and inviting private owners without a marketing strategy to joint the IYHF network (if they uphold the required quality standards). One of the crucial tasks is the education of employees in the IYHF network, thus each year we organize an educational visit with other organizations (mostly in Europe), were the heads of hostles can see first hand the operations of other hostles and also make business contacts. The principle idea behind the IYHF is not only limited to tourism, it also includes getting familiarized with other cultures, places and all other experiences of travel.

All the activities that PZS Maribor (or IYHF) is carrying out are meant for its members. Everybody can become a member, but within their own age group, by acquiring the membership card. The membership card offers the benefit of discount prices in foreign Youth Hostles and also discounts for museums, galleries and many other similar attractions.

A very important role of the PZS is also the promotion of Slovenia. We can only offer complete packages, for individual and groups, with a fully developed and wide-spread national network of facilities. An important role of every IYHF member is to prepare a program that includes a cultural rich exploration of a country, through the help of the national hostelling network.