Anne-Sophie Fanchini

Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

What is more difficult than a self-description? Finding the perfect balance between being yourself and the choice of the right words. But this time, let’s be simple.
To introduce myself, I would begin by saying that as many young people, I want to acquire as much knowledge and deep understanding as it is actually possible. In that way, I chose to study Economics and Business in order to work in an international environment. Besides this trivial feature, I am a music lover who has been playing violin for 15 years and singing joyfully since I was a child. It is a fact that I like to express my feelings through various ways, including by taking up my pen. In my view, nothing has more impact than words. 
As I have been growing up in a multicultural environment, travelling became a true need for the jack-of-all-trades I am. Discover other cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking than my own is an invaluable and immeasurable wealth to me.
Our world is full of meaningful messages and life lessons; understanding them implies to step out of your comfort zone. That’s why I chose to study one year at the Faculty of Economics & Business of Maribor as an Erasmus student (without exactly knowing what I was doing, to be honest…). 
I am planning a solo world tour after my master thesis to answer the thousands of questions I am asking myself. But firstly, I want to discover hidden treasures of our lovely Europe, and share it with readers from all around the world.
Writing pushes to be more attentive by trying to see what other people usually don’t. I obviously don’t have that pretention, but I will try to relate experiences with my own eyes and sensibility, in order to spread the love of the foreigner.

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