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Youth Hostel Debeli rtič

Jadranska cesta 73

6280 Ankaran

Number of beds: 669

+386 (0)5 909 70 00

Youth Health Resort RKS Debeli rtič offers accommodation in Youth hostels Veverička (Little Squirrel), Martinček (Little Sand Lizard), Rakovica (Crab) and Morska zvezda (Starfish) with altogether 491 beds in dorms, and there are also 146 beds available in the Bor annex (13 family rooms, 20 triple rooms and 10 double rooms) and 68 beds in the Arija building, a 3-star hotel encompassing 34 double rooms, of which two are modified to accommodate wheelchair users.

Rooms in youth hostels are dorms. Rooms don’t have a TV set or Wi-Fi. Multipurpose rooms in youth hostels are equipped with LCD projectors and projection screens. Youth hostels are available for school-finishing groups of children, adolescents and students. Accommodation facilities are equipped differently and include the following:

  • Youth hostel Veverička (4-bed dorms, shared bathroom, multipurpose room),
  • Youth hostel Martinček (14-bed dorms, shared bathroom, multipurpose room),
  • Youth hostel Rakovica (12-bed dorms, shared bathroom, multipurpose room with audio-video equipment, demonstration kitchen),
  • Youth hostel Morska Zvezda (14-bed dorms, shared bathroom, multipurpose room).

The pleasant Bor annex amid the greenery and blueness is ideal for holidays or a short break. The annex has its own dining room and rooms with a view of the sea or vineyards. Rooms with Wi-Fi and a TV set are broken down as follows:

  • 5 family rooms with six beds,
  • 4 family rooms with five beds,
  • 4 family rooms with four beds,
  • 20 triple rooms,
  • 10 double rooms.

Arija hotel is located right next to the health resort entrance on the right and is a wellness hotel, as the building doesn’t include only hotel rooms, a conference hall, a dining room, a reception desk and a bar, but also the Health and Wellness Centre that carries out treatments of respiratory conditions, skin conditions and problems with the locomotor system. Room with Wi-Fi, a TV set, a small fridge and air conditioner are broken down as follows:

  • 25 double rooms with two extra beds,
  • 5 double rooms,
  • 2 double rooms with one extra bed,
  • 2 double rooms, modified to accommodate persons with disabilities.

The Youth Health Resort RKS Debeli rtič is located in Debeli rtič Landscape Park, one of the remaining few naturally preserved parts of the Slovenian coastline with the typical flysch cliff, seashore and strata of an underwater reef. It is known for its large number of plant and animal species. It’s a unique environment and of nature as a classroom for all kinds of explorers, big or small. Sea holidays in the nurtured Debeli rtič Landscape Park are a real discovery. All buildings are located 100 metres from the health resorts central beach. The swimming pool complex has an outdoor and an indoor pool right next to the sea and its own Borček Bar with a wide array of refreshing drinks. You can take a boat trip from the health resort to coastal towns of Koper, Izola and Piran. There’s a bus stop in front of the health resort entrance, and the latter also has a private car park.

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