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Everything about travel

Do you want to forget everything and just go away? Go somewhere where nobody knows you? If you are dreaming about distant places during work, and are just waiting to leave, then you are on the right place. You will find a lot of useful information and ideas for starting your adventure here – information about best hostels, excellent travelogues and so much more. Do not make any more excuses but take advantage of your traveller’s life and let your travel dreams become a reality.

On our websites, you find the huge amount of information you need, and information that you haven’t even thought about yet. Scroll under the boxes in the right column and a new world will open. The first section are the travelogues of our volunteers and others who trust us with their stories. They are so colourfully written that you can almost imagine yourself there. You also get a lot of useful information and ideas for the next vacation. The orientation on the page is very simple – just click on the map of the country you are interested in and you will get all travelogues in your chosen country.

The next topic we have prepared for you is information about our excellent hostels where you can stay while traveling around the world. HI network is big, with more than 4,000 hostels in more than 80 countries. Of course, we also have some tips for you to make your journey as easy as possible. And it’s not just about traveling and finding the cheapest tickets. You can even find tips for living with a partner from another language area or for traveling with children. In another section of our website, you will find the stories of our volunteers who took part in the HI Connect program where our volunteers live and work in another HI hostel and make an unforgettable experience. You can also apply for such exchanges where you get to know work and life abroad. The content of the articles on our pages is written based on the experiences and feelings of our journalists.

Our articles do not talk about mass tourism, but about tourism, which does not harm the local environment and the population but helps to strike a balance between them. Let these articles get you in the travelling spirit and give you the courage to go on your dream paths. And of course, after completing your adventures, we invite you to share your experiences with us.