Dušan Berdnik

Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

My journey through life began on the day of youth in 1982 in Maribor/Slovenia. Already in my childhood the world tickled my fancy, as well as the life of people in other parts of the world. At the age of 11 I joined the scouts in Slovenska Bistrica, where I started exploring the way of life in nature and made my first short trips to nearby places at home and abroad.
I started exploring foreign countries more seriously after I finished elementary school and started earning my own incomes. My first journey was in 1997, when I went to Sicily by train and hitchhiking. I use the money I earn and saved for my travels. I can say I became an addict to the ever strong new impulses of travel. I enjoy meeting new people and cultures. My travelling motto is, to always accept the people and cultures just the way they are, for we can learn a great lot from them. It’s difficult to decide, which part of the world I like the most. Each country has something, which others don’t. If I do have to, I’d point out India, which radiates the culture, beauty, ancient land and tremendous opposites; it’s a country of really poor masses and a handful of extremely rich. People are friendly, but you can never be too couscous, because as a foreigner you stand out with your skin colour and clothes.
On my travels, my camera is always my companion. Without it I could never share with you my experience. Travel is my love, my passion. I simply adore travelling. I never demand anything of it, but always receive a lot in return.
In all the years of my travel, with so many countries I’ve been to I can’t keep count, I know, I will never stop feeling the unrest calling me, to go to some other place.

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