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Maja Budja

Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

I started travelling on my own when I was only 18 years old. Sure, it was organised tours and holidaying at first, but I soon started organising my own trips. Reading maps, looking at tourist maps, visiting tourist information centres and travel experience were all things that greatly fascinated me, so I decided to study geography. Of course, I didn’t choose the nearest faculty, but the one across the country.  Even later on, I spent all my free time to discover new places; sometimes alone, sometimes with other people – friends, my son, my parents… Many of my trips were part of my numerous family/work/business/study “obligations”, something which I’m especially grateful for, as it enabled me to see even the most touristy of places in a different light, as opposed to the way a typical tourist would have. I’ll tell you more about it in one of my articles. As geographer, I’ll also make sure to write a more professional article regarding travel destinations. And, of course, invite you on a tour of my home town where I’m currently, as a working group chair and with the help of others, preparing a conference proceeding. I’ll let the rest remain a secret for now.

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