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Saša Sladič

Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

I am a simple girl who likes mountains, travelling and animals. At the top of every mountain there is a magnificent view waiting for me, which makes every ounce of effort worth it. In addition to meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and enjoying nature, I always learn new things about myself when travelling. Animals bring out the most gentle and kind side of me. My black, long-haired cat Gremi knows all about this.
Nothing can beat listening to my favourite instrument, the saxophone, or reading a good adventure book while enjoying a good cup of tea as well. This way I can simply lose track of time and drift off into other lands.
Learning foreign languages has become a daily thing, since Duolingo makes it so fun. Everywhere my travels take me, I always want to be able to exchange at least a few words in the local language; that way I can get closer to the local people.

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