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Help Us by Making a Sustainable Donation

Financing of the Hostelling International Sustainability Fund offers you a chance to invest your money in the future of the entire planet. The HI Sustainability Fund supports the fight against climate change and promotes sustainable life.


The fund’s main objective is to support the best projects that reduce CO2 emissions in hostels. Each year, the fund chooses the best projects and finances them. These projects directly affect the mindset of employees and guests and urges them to more sustainable thinking. These funded projects help reduce CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes each year. Projects that are most often awarded are those with a more holistic approach that combine all three components of sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental. Hostels aim to build their development on renewable energy sources, involvement of locals and reduction of plastics, and with the help of local food that they often produce themselves in their gardens. The best projects are chosen through an online voting survey as well as through votes of sustainability coordinators across the HI Network and an international jury. The voting was first started by the fund in 2013 and ever since more than 55,000 people have voted, thus helping finance 19 projects. Now we would also like to invite you to help us take care of the fund and the planet.

All you need to do is visit the website and choose, in a playful manner, the amount of funding you’d like to donate, leave us some personal information, and you’ll already be helping us in the realisation of even more amazing projects.

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