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Anthony’s shaft – tourist mine

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Antonijev rov - Rudnik živega srebra Idrija d.o.o.

Bazoviška 2

5280 Idrija

+386 (0)31 810 194

Come and visit Anthony's pit in Idrija. Town with oldest mining tradition in Slovenia. Mine is now with Heritage of Mercury, Almaden and Idrija inscribed on UNESCO s World Heritage List.

The Idrija mercury mine was the second largest mercury mine in the world.  In its more then five hundred-year history, 147,000 tons of mercury were exctracted, wich is more than 13% of total world production of mercury.

The Idrija ore deposit lies below the town and is 1500 long and 300 to 600 m wide. Through centurys miners dug out more than 700 km of pits and shafts, and the deepest parts reached a depth more then 400 m or 36 m below the sea level.

Anthony's pit was dug out in 1500 and is still preserved today.  Anthony's pit is located in building Šelštev, for visitors the main entraces into underground world of the Idrija mine. Mysterious world of quicksilver where you can see droplets of the only liquid metal in the world, where you can visit the unique underground chapel of the Holy Trinity, where you can explore mining methods and many more. 

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