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Charterhouse Žiče - TIC Slovenske Konjice

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Žička kartuzija - TIC Slovenske Konjice

Špitalič pri Slovenskih Konjicah 9

3215 Loče

+386 (0)51 444 141

Sometimes we enter the place which amazes us. When we look around and simply get the feeling that we have entered another dimension. Such feelings overwhelm you when you enter the secret world of Charterhouse Žiče.

Definitely it was not a coincidence that this untouched and silent Valley of Saint John the Baptist became the residence of monks from Great Charterhouse from France in 12th Century. This secluded valley offered unspoilt piece of the world, where they were able to live in accordance with their rules, modestly, remotely, in prayer and meditation. They built two divided monasteries, the upper and the lower house, but both were connected through the intact Valley of Saint John the Baptist. Charterhouse Žiče eventually became European cultural and political epicenter of the then Europe. In 14th Century this monastery had more than 2,000 books in their library – the only bigger library was the one in Vatican.

Today Charterhouse Žiče houses aa permanent exhibition of Žiče manuscripts, exhibition titled Step by Step, herbal gardens with herbal shop, potter’s workshop with a souvenir shop and Otakar’s Sparkling wine Cellar. During the summer this place becomes the venue for artistic and spiritual events and concerts.

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