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TIC Idrija, ICRA d.o.o. Idrija

10% on preparation and/or implementation of tourisem programs, for categories Family and Group, 20% on regulator tours of the Idrija for all categories, 20% for visit the Centre of Idrija lace for all categories.

TIC Idrija, ICRA d.o.o. Idrija

Vodnikova 3

5280 Idrija

+386 (0)5 374 39 16

The town Idrija is situated in Eastern part of Alpine Slovenia. Idrija is the oldest mining town in Slovenia, and it is famous as the second largest mercury mine in the world. Rich history of the town Idrija is in custody of many technical and cultural monuments. And they are attracting visitors from all over the world.

Most of those monuments are in custody of City museum in the castle Gewerkenegg. There you can see rich collections connected with history of town and mine.

After five centuries the quick silver mine has been closed. The oldest part of the mine – Antonijev rov, is accepting visitors, and they are viewing this underground miner's world. Rich cultural and technical heritage, which arise in Idrija in five centuries period, is just invaluable.

In Krajinski park Zgornja Idrijca, there are water barriers,  so-called klavže, that were used for floating wood down the river and into town.

In particular, Idrija is well known for beautiful Idrija lace and homemade „ idrijski žlikrofi“ – nationally protected dishes with a traditional reputation.

Fishing, trips and mountain cycling are activities that are fixture of Idrija's activity offer, too.

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