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January 2012
Lady Ljubljana - capital of Slovenia

My first thought, when I think Ljubljana – is vibrant. The city that never sleeps. Anytime I get to rush there, I forget that I still don't know where to park and I'm not worried about not knowing the streets. I just get carried away. Ljubljana is a city, with the charm of European capitals combined into a harmony of different styles. It's a stylistic candy, elegant and cosmopolitan, with a pinch of Balkan, felt mostly at night in the masses of people. 

@Author - P.Hieng;

Already a short walk from the Congress square to Uncle France at Prešern’s square offers many cultural experiences. If the beautiful Urška turned three times on the shore of Ljubljanica and went into the watery grave, it would be a sin not to stroll along the beautiful river. 

A thousand and one café suck you into the rhythm of carefree relaxation. Here a cup of coffee finds it's true home, here you always find people to chat with. And while you look around yourself at people from Ljubljana or elsewhere, you will see some who are looking for their own (or maybe Prešern’s) Julija (the great true love of this poet was named Primičeva Julija). 

@Author - B.Jakse, S.Jersic;

Oh Vrba! srečna draga vas domača … (from Prešern’s poem)
I’ll stick to Prešern, for he’s so dramatic and poetic… just the words for Ljubljana! Sure, Vrba is his home village, but I believe he thought of Ljubljana as his home as well. Could it have been love at first site? Why not .....

Little, cute streets, squares ... seeing the castle – of course you’ll have to walk there! And with each step you can find something new. Small statues in nooks of houses, details on facades, shoes hanging between two streets… Stories that time has written and are waiting for a passer-by to continue them. Ljubljana, a mysterious lady.

You can imagine how relaxed France was, walking along these steps and stones, drunk of love, poetry or alcohol. 

@Author - B.Jakse, S.Jersic;

Drunk of drama?
I envy the people of this city, for everything that’s going on. Street theatre in the summer and shows which involve the crowds in their happenings, so you feel you’re a part of the story. Streets are alive with shows, concerts, events, markets… the list could go on and on. Nightlife is also on level with many European capitals. We hear and see everything from electro music in trendy clubs to a hard metal scene. In each bar we can find something for ourselves. You just need to browse, ask and go with the flow and the city will embrace you. Sleeping over in the city is obligatory then and I suggest the hostel Tresor in downtown Ljubljana, for it is in the center, nice and budget friendly.

@Author - M.Tancic;
Don’t say I didn’t warn you – just trust her…
I wonder how much coffee lady Ljubljana drinks, for it seems it never sleeps. She always awaits new adventures and it keeps fascinating me. All you need to do is trust her and let her come to you… That’s the only way we can overlook those few things  such as eventual snobbery and arrogance of its people, cold mornings and the greyness of daily fog.

Barbara Čičak
Translated by Borut Jurišić.