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Discount for writing card and printing

Writing postcards was once one of the mandatory tasks of every vacation for which it was worth to take a time. And it does not matter whether we have written the entire novel or just some nice greetings. It was nice to watch the received postcards at home, and looking forward to receive greetings card for Christmas.

But with the development of mobile technology, this tradition has somehow been abolished; we all became just one SMS away. But this new technology also offers us the opportunity to send postcards and greeting cards in a modern way. And for all those who would like to send greetings from holiday, but they would like to do it in a more modern way or are afraid that their fonts could not be read there is a solution.

MyPostcard, the world's leading application in its field offers us the sending of postcards, greeting cards and photos, from everywhere to everywhere. We can access the app via a computer or downloaded application on a smartphone. We can quickly and easily create our own postcard. Just upload one or more selected photos to already created templates on the app, and the postcard is already there. Another option is to make greeting cards. Here, too, we can create a card with your photo and choose one of the 10,000 templates cards for various occasions, from birthday cards, to greeting cards for holidays to thank you cards that we can of course design according to our own. The next step is to write a personal message, and then write the title of the addressee. You have several styles of font available for writing, and we can also choose an envelope. Then you have just to make a payment in the application and the card is ready for printing. Your work is done, because the card is taken within 24 hours to quality printing and then it sends wherever you want. And what is best that the price is always the same regardless of the location of the sending and receiving. The price of cards starts at 1, 99 € and the price of the card starts at 3, 49 €. You can send 15, 30 or 40 of your favorite photos in a special gift box.

And the best news is that you have 25 percent discount when using this application. All this allows you to send postcards, greeting cards and photographs all over the world and for which you did not need to buy expensive brands or look for mailboxes all over the city.

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