Venetian Grandeur with a Single Ticket

In February, city Venice becomes the most famous for its carnival and the richly adorned costumes. It’s the kind of colourfulness that fires many an imagination. 

Of course, one has to be careful when taking photos, as some people tend to jump in front of the camera, pretending to pose when in fact they’re trying to elicit money for their so doing. You can freely snap away at your heart’s content at Piazza San Marco and along the entire row of arcades by the Doge’s Palace, as well as at the Danieli gondola station. You can also find carnival costumes in the hustle and bustle of the labyrinth of Venetian streets.

All history, architecture and art enthusiasts will find that the carnival is the ideal time to visit museums, as most people stick to the festivities in the streets, leaving museum entrances without any significant queues.

In order to make everything even easier and more affordable, buy the Venice Museum Pass online before your departure. It allows you to visit eleven museums in Venice in six months for a price of 41 euros.

Piazza San Marco alone offers quite a few museum treats:

Another series of museums includes the Venetian Civic Museums. There are five such museums that are located in the heart of Venice.

Two other museums are located on the world’s famous islands in the Venetian Lagoon, known as Burano and Murano:

If you’re planning on visiting all eleven museums, you’ll get the overall picture of Venice and Venetian life through the centuries. A picture of the city that offers a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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