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Volunteering in England

Were you dreaming of travelling to England, but your budget didn't allow it to happen? Maybe you are just looking for something different to do this summer like learn new skills, meet new people, and also have fun? YHA England and Wales has a fantastic range of volunteering opportunities available. A little work, free accommodation and even reimbursed some travel expenses. Interested? Read on!


What is it all about?

YHA England and Wales has really a broad range of volunteering opportunities. You can choose when, where and how you will support the YHA. There are programs that will suit all interests and skills. It doesn’t matter if you have a day, a week or even a month to give. YHA England has something to offer, as their objective is “to help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside, and appreciation of the cultural values of towns and cities, particularly by providing Youth Hostels or other accommodation for them in their travels, and thus to promote their health, recreation and education.” As the summer is on a doorstep we will closely introduce Summer and Winter Weeks Program. However, for all other volunteering types the best place to look for info is the YHA website. Let us just list some of the current ones: 
Everyone has an equal opportunity to apply for a role of interest. However, some roles do require specific skills or experience, so a selection procedure may be followed. The criteria needed are detailed in the role essentials guide on website.

Summer in England?

You still don’t have a plan what to do with your free time in this summer months? Summer and Winter Weeks is a flexible residential volunteering opportunity suitable for lots of different people. If you are a young person looking to gain some experience and learn new skills, then you should apply for this role. Or maybe you just like the idea of spending some time volunteering away from home during summer holidays? This is a great opportunity to explore a new area in your spare time, particularly if you enjoy outdoor activities in the picturesque countryside where mighty rivers flow through vast hills where gazing sheep look like white clouds on green pastures. Urban-life-lovers will be amazed by England’s rich culture, architecture, and folklore, countless museums, galleries, and libraries… There are more than 150 locations across England and Wales where you can give your help. However, most of them are in beautiful rural locations. Small amount of hostels by the coast and in the cities provide a location to suit everyone.

Give and get

What will you do? Your tasks will range from supporting the hostel teams like welcoming guests, catering, housekeeping, painting, gardening and other practical tasks. Hostels may also be decorating so open-mindedness and flexibility are more than welcome. And what do you get in return? As a YHA volunteer you can claim help with travel expenses (up to £55), discounted food costs and receive free accommodation during your volunteering. You don’t need any experience to volunteer, just a willingness to help and give your best. Volunteering is far from being an unpaid work; free bed is just a small financial contribution on a way that will lead you into a world of new people, places, skills and loads of fun.
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