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Volunteer work in Thailand

Have you ever considered to spend half a year among tigers… caring for them and achieving mutual respect with an endangered species? Here’s your chance!

Thailand – the land of smiles and friendly people. But not just people, also wild animals that we usually only see in ZOOs.
About 170km west from the capital of Bangkok and 40km from the town of Kanchanaburi (most famous for the bridge on the river Kwai) lies a special place, where you can work as a volunteer in a tiger shelter (but also for other animals too).
It all started when the Buddhist monks accepted first tigers among themselves, that people wanted as pests. After receiving media attention they set up a shelter where endangered species can go to, as these wild animals, who were with humans for several years, would not be able to cope with the wilderness. 
They got all the papers and begun working. The number of tigers has been rising monthly as did the need for helping hands and donations.
On their website you’ll find a clear and simple set of rules, as well as a way how to apply as volunteer.
Despite the writings, I should warn you all, that the shelter is inside the Buddhist temple and you must respect their rules – which can be brought down to these six points:
1. Don’t kill
2. Don’t steal
3. Don’t get involved with unappropriated sexual relationships
4. Don’t lie
5. Don’t do alcohol or drugs
6. Don’t sleep in a luxurious bed
There are also additional rules for living with tigers, the above ones are about the Buddhist philosophy.
For all who’d like to spend time among tigers in a Buddhist monastery from one month and up to half a year, I’d like to invite you to visit There you will find all the information you’d need.
The Hosteling International Slovenia is not the organizer of volunteer work at the temple, so do not The Hosteling International Slovenia will only help youth find various possibilities of volunteer work abroad and encourage the mobility among youth. Thailand itself, however, is a lot more than the Tiger Temple, a land of smiles, dreamy beaches and unspoiled nature. And all over the land you can find high quality hostels at

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