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Bali, to me, is more of an inner journey than a sightseeing trip.

Špela Urbanc is a photographer, traveller, and explorer of energies and connections to the universe within ourselves. At Bali, she is discovering how to become the best version of herself and by doing so wants to help others as well. She realises that the essence of learning is to “un-learn” old patterns and make room for innocence, for love.


You first went to Bali in 2019 as a solo traveller. What can you tell us about this first trip to Indonesia?

Yes, it was a sudden decision. Yet “guided by fate”. I wanted more, I wanted to feel truly alive again. I was without a real will to live, and I was incapable of loving not myself, nor the people around me. This trip changed my life, it was different than my other trips. In the city where I spent most of my time, energies and manifestations happen in a very fast, powerful and sensible way. This is difficult to describe. I remember the moment I rode between the rice fields with the wind in my hair, the smile on my face, and the joy in my heart, and I said to myself: This will be my home someday. However, on the day of departure, I still shed quite a few tears, as if I was saying goodbye to the love of my life.

Given that you then really moved to Bali in December 2019, I wonder what exactly, apart from a good previous experience, was your reason for that decision? Do you intend to stay there for a long time?

Last summer at home, in Slovenia, I had a great time, and the reason for that was the experience and growth I received during those two months in Bali. However, my process was not yet complete, deep down I knew I had to go back. I got myself a visa to stay in Indonesia for six months. I do not know the exact date when I will return, nor do I know what else life will bring me and what my path is. I just go with the flow. Still, it would be nice to spend the summer at home with family, my furry friends, and also with those little less furry ones.

You currently live in Ubud. According to your words, written in past posts, this is a magical place and the locals are spiritually very connected. Can you tell us more about your new home?

Yes, their connection to the spiritual world is linked to their everyday life, it is something that raises the energy level of the entire island. Bali gives you exactly what you need. Not only great experiences but also experiences that you need on your journey to personal growth. Mother Bali, as we call the island here, doesn't send you more than you can handle. But this does not mean that these things are happening only here in Bali. These are things that happen within ourselves when we are ready to feel them, no matter where we are at that moment. In my experience, however, they are happening here in Bali at a much higher and faster level.

You also have experience with cacao ceremony. What exactly is this ceremony and how do you experience it yourself?

Each cacao ceremony is something different, depending on the person leading it and the experience that is meant for you. Ceremonial cacao is special cacao, it is not sweet and is there to open your heart. Sometimes it is followed by dancing and sometimes by healing. I recently attended one that was really special. It was run by, now a friend of mine, Xavier, who is connected with the ancient people. These people are passing through Xavier, in a kind of “space” language, the messages that the participant needs. On me, it worked subconsciously, as my body strongly responded to the whole thing, first emotionally and then physically. It was also about reprogramming DNA. Yes, that's what I do here. Bali, to me, is more of an inner journey than a sightseeing trip.


In April 2019, you organised a successful travel lecture featuring photos from this extraordinarily spiritual land. Can we expect anything similar in the future?

Oh yes, a wonderful day and a wonderful new experience for which I am very grateful. My first show and travel lecture that connected me to amazing and heartfelt people. On this occasion, I once again want to thank them for all their help and support in achieving this vision.

I am not sure that I will go back to organising such an event in the future. However, I would definitely like to organise events that will be more profound in opening my heart and connecting people, as I have learned a great deal, and I know how much this is lacking in the European world and how much people crave such love and peace. I also finished a course where I learned how to bring a person through breathing, music, and energy support to his inner world, where the mind cannot block them to release the emotions within. For, trapped emotions in the body, blocked chakras and non-awareness of one's soul are one of the reasons why there are so many diseases in today's world. Besides, I know how good you can feel in a body that finally releases all those emotions, which we consciously or unconsciously hold within ourselves for all of our lives. Those who know me or have had the opportunity to get to know me in the last few years, know that they can reveal to me anything. There is nothing that I haven’t heard yet or felt on my own, especially after this intense shamanic journey that I went through in December. That is why I know that there will also be a time when we can go through this process together.

Besides your love of travelling and discovering spiritual paths, you are also passionate about photography. How did your professional photography journey begin?

Photography is a bridge; it is a way that life has offered me to be able to connect with special and wonderful people. About three years ago this became my profession, for which I am very grateful and which will always represent a large part of my life. It all came naturally; I was never giving special attention to the marketing of my photography and I always got exactly as many clients and the kind of clients I needed. I believe that any profession in which you find a higher purpose and is not only beneficial for you but makes better lives for the people around you will be supported by the universe. That's how it works. Nothing works by force. People are not stupid, they feel. If you’re honest and act with your heart while appreciating yourself and trusting people around you, you’ll always be well cared for. When your goal is not money, but the mission, which you perform from the heart and for the higher good, the money will come by itself. I am glad that now that I am no longer in Slovenia, I am still receiving inquiries, which I gladly refer them to my friend photographers.

On the Špela Urbanc Photography website, we can also, besides your beautiful photos, find a unique blog. What is it about and could you say that it is some kind of photography in words?

The blog on the website is a few years old. I added it because I recently read the texts again and the things I wrote about still resonate with me today. Writing is also one of my passions. It seems to me that when I write, I am very connected to my higher self, who keeps instilling words in my head. I haven't posted a new blog for a long time now, but still, when I feel a desire to express myself and write, I sometimes post a super long and emotional post to my Facebook page. And I am surprised to see how many people actually read my posts and also tell me that they feel a very strong connection in my messages, for which I am always very grateful.

In the past, you have also travelled to Thailand for three months. You wrote about this experience in your travel blog entitled Raw Soul Babe, which is unfortunately no longer accessible. What can you tell us about this experience?

Yes, this blog got lost somewhere. Probably along with my raw foodism journey, which at the time represented a very important crossroads in my life. Thailand and the experience back then have definitely helped me with my personal development. I experienced a lot, met a lot of people, and learned exactly what I needed to learn on that trip. However, this is only part of my past and I was a different person back then. I learn every day, and every day I have a new opportunity to become exactly what I value and what I wish to become. We are not our past. Even though we have experienced a lot of bad things, it is important to be aware of this and to love this part of ourselves as well. We are the creators of our lives, and we should not give too much power to things that have happened to us in our past. That does not mean we should ignore them, but accept them as some kind of teachers who have enabled us to be the person who we are today; a person, who has every chance of becoming exactly what he/she wants to be. And it is because of these experiences that we can offer understanding and support to the people we meet along the way.


Špela, you have a lot of interesting travel stories and life experiences. So far you have lived for several months in the UK, Spain, Thailand, and currently, we can find you in Indonesia. What have you learned from all your travels so far?

One of the most important lessons I learned is how important it is for us to be aware that every soul is on its own journey and needs its own experience. That there is no need to impose our thinking on the people around us because everyone receives exactly the information they need at a certain moment. Life is always serving you experiences that will sooner or later lead you on the right path. If we judge people because they are different from us, we have no time to love them. But that doesn't mean we have to accept everyone. I am learning to set healthy boundaries and value my time, focusing my attention on things that are meaningful to me. And very important, I'm also learning to listen to my body.

Could you agree with the words from Severa Gjurin's song “I wander here, I wander there, where I rest my head, that’s where my home is”?

Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful song. The home is definitely in the heart, within ourselves. Yet I always return to my hometown. In a way, it's nice to have that “security”. I am grateful for my family. Not many have the privilege of being able to return home. And I admit, there is a fear inside of me that something would happen to them. It's not easy to leave the comfort zone and we never know when we’ll see the people we love for the last time. However, this is not a reason to stay at home and fear growth, just because something can happen. By living here, I am responsible for myself and I am learning to love myself. With this, I can also love more my family and all the people in my life, including those who are no longer present in it. In fact, we are never really separated, because we are made of the same energy, so we can never lose anyone, we can only create the illusion that we have lost someone.

How do your mom and dad experience all this?

I am proud to see that my parents are also becoming more aware of what really matters in life. And they also evolve and grow and explore their existence. This does not mean that we agree on everything and that we do not have our own problems and things that get us off the track. However, our awareness is rising, we are recognising old patterns faster and can resolve them in a more loving way. Another proof that a quote “change yourself and you will change the world” is very true.

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful, sincere and sensual experiences. In the end, would you like to say something to the readers of the Globetrotter travel magazine?

Thank you, Maja for your time and interest in my story. Sometimes I forget that I don't really live everyday life, and how important it is to share stories like this because they have a special power; they can inspire, give confidence, and the opportunity to finally follow one’s heart. We must not take our lives too seriously, we should more often jump into the unknown, and turn fear into excitement and childish curiosity.

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